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LED Retrofitting

Work With the Company That Stands Out From Other LED Lighting Installation Companies in Houston, TX

Are you ready to save money on your electrical bill? Get LED retrofitting services today!

LED retrofitting is the process of converting an existing fixture (whether it be CFL, Fluorescent, or Incandescent) to a LED lighting fixture. LED lighting is more durable and lasts longer than other types of lighting. The cost of an LED light installation varies depending on the fixture being replaced and other factors such as labor costs and materials needed for installation.

Unlike other LED lighting installation companies in Houston, TX, we at S.N.R. Electrical Service Contractors pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge of the task. As a family-owned business, our master electrician will always be on-site, taking point on your project, so you can rest assured that we’ll get the LED installation service done smoothly and quickly. Not only that, but we also have commercial LED lighting installers ready to help you retrofit your business or workspace with LED lights.

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Have Your Lights Retrofitted With LED

Our professional staff will come out to your home or business and assess what needs to be done. We’ll then provide you with an estimate for the job and schedule an appointment for installation. Our team will do everything from removing old fixtures to installing new ones–all at a price that’s sure to please you!

Be sure to pick out the company that stands out from other LED lighting installation companies. Contact S.N.R. Electrical Service Contractors today for a free estimate on our LED retrofitting service in Houston, TX!